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Stars from the favelas, football schools in Rio de Janeiro

Brazil is one of the most successful football nation in the world. The player
reservoir seems relentless. Of course, many talents would never be discovered if there weren’t countless football schools – with a double mission in education.

Pomaks, a muslim minority in Bulgaria

The Pomaks are a small Muslim minority in Bulgaria, whose culture is characterized by a special mixture of Oriental-Balkan-Slavic-Islamic elements. Despite numerous assimilation measures, the Pomaks have preserved their traditions.

Saint-Louis, Senegal

Saint-Louis is considered the cultural centre of Senegal. The UNESCO World Heritage Site and traditional fish crafts and traditional fish crafts determine the rhythm of life in this city on the Senegal River. Guet Ndar is the fishing district. Thirty thousand tonnes of fish are reported to pass through this port each year.